Ullukkut!  Canadian Parents for French is excited to expand its scope of services in 2017-2020 to include Nunavut.

Canadian Parents for French furthers bilingualism by promoting and creating opportunities for youth to learn and use French as an additional language. Through the CPF national network of parents, members and volunteers, we offer and support activities and projects to enhance official languages and unite Canadians and enhance the French language and culture in Canada.




The creation of our Iqaluit Chapter with partners from: Le Carrefour Nunavut, L’Association Francophone du Nunavut (AFN) and Le Nunavoix!

Together, we are proudly putting together opportunities for children (and their parents) to learn and practice French in Iqaluit!

Projects include:
– The Goodnight Bag, distributed at the Carrefour Nunavut’s summer camp
– Le Petit Passe-temps Franco, featured in Le Nunavoix


Our team was in Iqaluit in the beginning of May where they met with stakeholders and hosted activities in French for the youth in the area.

They started their trip by meeting staff from the Francophone Association of Nunavut, who they partnered with later in the week to host a French storytelling event. They also met with members from Carrefour Nunavut and CFRT, the local French radio station where they conducted an interview about CPF and our mission.

Later, they got the chance to meet the director of Ecole des Trois-Soleils, the French school in Iqaluit as well as host French poetry workshops in Aqsarniit Ilinniarvik Middle School.

They concluded their trip with an interview on CBC North Radio and a meeting with collaborators working on Nunavut’s French newspaper, Le Nunavoix.


Nicole Thibault, Josianne Beaumont, Gabrielle Guillon and Brian Manning

In late April 2018, another set of meetings took place solidifying key opportunities for collaboration between CPF, the schools in Iqaluit and the parent groups. We discussed activities that are to be held during the 2018-2019 school year and how to further build relationships around French as an additional language in other areas of the territory.


2017 – First Visit 



To begin, in early October 2017, the Quebec Nunavut Project Coordinator traveled to Iqaluit and met with parents / members of Iqaluit District Education Authority (IDEA); conducted a classroom activity with Grade 7 students at Aqsarniit Middle School, met with representatives of the Department of Education, Department of Culture and Heritage (French Services) and the Francophone Association of Nunavut to better understand the local and territorial interests, priorities and needs.





Centered on 4 strategic priority areas to focus our programming and activities:

  1. Promoting and Creating Learning Opportunities for Youth
  2. Informing and Supporting Parents, our Members and our Volunteers
    • CPF Quebec / Nunavut e-Newsletter
    • CPF Quebec / Nunavut / French For Life / Frenchstreet.ca Websites
    • CPF Network Parent Tips, Pamphlets, Information Brochures, Guides
  3. Informing and Influencing Decision Makers including Education Stakeholders and the Public
    • CPF Network Position Statements, Issue White Papers
    • CPF Network Research Fact Sheets, Bibliographies, Searchable Database
    • CPF Network State of FSL Education Reports 2002 to 2012, 2017, 2018
  4. Leading a Collaborative Organizational Network
    • CPF Quebec / Nunavut Parent and Expert Advisory Committees
    • CPF Iqaluit Chapter (Association Francophone du Nunavut, Carrefour Nunavut, Nunavoix)
    • CPF Network Social Media, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
    • CPF Biennial Leadership Networking Event / CPF Network Biennial Conference

Having received financial support from the Department of Canadian Heritage, over the next three years, CPF National will support or deliver key activities in the territory of Nunavut focused on engaging youth in French additional language learning opportunities and parent information initiatives.

For more information or to discuss potential joint projects, contact Chelsea Craig at: [email protected]