Canadian Parents for French is proud to present its second Excellence in French as a Second Language Teaching Award in Quebec to Ms. Kim Gromko, French as second language teacher in Lindsay Place High School, Pointe-Claire (LBPSB). Kim Gromko is an enthusiast of education. Beyond the French language, she acts actively to develop the autonomy and the commitment of her students in their learning. She developed intergenerational projects with a group of octogenarians to encourage the use of French and create bridges between the cultures and the generations (The Grandpas in the class). In the same spirit, she leads the project “A bridge to kindness” with English as a second language classes from a high school in Bas-Lanaudière.

Well in line with the most recent research in pedagogy, she stand outs by the dynamism with which she favors learning autonomy for her students, by helping them develop their own learning objectives and inviting them to challenge themselves to new heights. Ms. Gromko is also involved with training of new teachers, is a member of the evaluation committee with the Ministry, a DELF assessor since fall 2017, and a member of the AQEFLS Board of Directors and co-chair of their thematic committee.